enginezero - The Backstory

I started the project in 2003 under the name Engine/Zero. I was still in high school at this time, and hadn't had much experience as a developer. Nonetheless, over the next 3 years I was able to get the project to the point where it was actually playable -- you could fight enemies, complete objectives and finish levels.

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Bridge.NET and Game Engines

Transpilers are popular right now. You can write code in any language you want, and then have it automatically ported (usually to Javascript, which runs everywhere).

I've been playing with Bridge.NET. It's a C#-to-JS transpiler optimized for the browser. The neat part about this is that the browser was the last area where you can't run C# code.

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Differences Between Doom, Duke and Marathon Map Structures

The three main engines that we'll be targeting are the Id Tech 1 (Doom) engine, the Build (Duke3D) engine, and the Marathon engine.

They're all sector engines, but they have fundamental differences in how their levels are laid out.

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enginezero: genesis

Genesis refers to the build of enginezero that was last touched in 2007.

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So What Exactly Is A Sector Engine, Anyway?

I'm building a sector engine. What exactly is that?

In short, it's a piece of code that can allow you to play games like Doom, Duke3D, Marathon and so on.

Let's start with a little background on game engines.

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